Life is too long to stop learning in our midlife. Culture and our surroundings will never be frozen in time. The days will pass, the years will slide by, and the world will change. And when the world changes, we need to change.

Test - Say Yes to lifelong learning. Man with a dog teaching him a new trick with a hoop

Every male that is involved with a woman of a certain age will be faced with menopause, too. And while he might not experiencing all of the symptoms, it is important for him to know where he stands and what he can do to use that “I’ve gotta fix it” mentaility.

Man standing with arms out reaching toward a symbol of female with pause sign. Text reads Men's Menopause Roles

I think it is very healthy to have a great balance of both short and long-term goals. And I do believe that if you are sincere about the goals that you setting, that is isn’t any reason why you can’t reach them if you work toward them. And that’s the key, isn’t it.

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Where once a lot, if not most of our attention was on who was where, racing or playing what, there was nothing. Crickets. It is so hard not to feel as though a part of you has died when these days end. And as I said to someone just last week, and you never know when the last time will be.