Welcome to the place where you are allowed to Redesign your Midlife!

Are you a midlife woman craving a happier, healthier, and longer life? Are you ready to prioritize your well-being like never before? Do you find yourself wanting to shed that midlife middle, unlock the mysteries of menopause, navigate your midlife mental health challenges, or simply achieve optimal wellness?

You are not alone. I'm your host Lesley McShane and I am on the same path as you in real time! 

Get ready to be inspired, educated, and uplifted as I share fitness information and motivation, as well as, expert insights, practical tips, and personal stories that resonate with your own journey. It's time to prioritize yourself, rediscover your power, and embrace the vibrant life you deserve.

*It is never too late to feel Amazing!*

Your New Favorite Midlife Podcast

Midlife Issues & Inspirational Stories

Inside Lesley’s midlife issues episodes, you will hear from guests on a range of topics including you empty nest, retirement, dealing with aging parents, estrangement issues, divorce, and so on. In the inspiration series, you will hear from other women over 50 who are doing extraordinary things and inspiring us all to reach beyond our own fear.

Midlife Health

Inside Lesley’s midlife health episodes you will be educated to see your nutrition in a new way. You will also experience fitness in a new way, served with motivation to keep you moving. Licensed professionals also lend their voices and knowledge to answer all questions that you may have in the areas of fitness and nutrition.

Midlife Wellness

Inside Lesley’s midlife wellness episodes you are going to be treated to a myriad of ideas to celebrate yourself through self-care. You will also hear from guests who encourage you as the listener to live your best life now by taking back your control.

What you’ll find inside Redesigning Midlife

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"Such great conversations"

Lesley's voice is like butter on a biscuit and feel like I'm hanging out with a dear friend when I listen to her podcast! Her topics are always relevant and her perspective is genuine, down to earth, and insightful.

"Fresh and inspiring"

Lesley is a warm soul who brings out the best in each of her guests. I enjoy listening to the Friday Night Beer Blog and adore the comaradarie between her and her husband. Listening to the podcast is like spending time with an old favorite friend!!!

"Such great content!"

I feel like I'm in conversation with a wise (and entertaining) friend. I enjoy listening, and sometimes go back so I can listen to parts again. I always look forward to hearing the topics she will cover in future episodes. So much of it seems to parallel my life. Definitely have a listen and check it out!

"Love it Leslie!"

Love this podcast about getting healthy and fit at midlife! Thank you so much for sharing all your love, insight and wisdom with us.

"Redesigning Midlife!"

I you're a midlifer who wants to grow and get healthy, this podcast is a must!

"Solid advice!"

Loving this podcast to help transition into midlife and help with with workout motivation and nutrition facts, It's been life changing and really is a must listen!!

"So glad I came across this!"

I was in need of workout motivation and some guidance through this stage of life. So glad I came across Lesley's podcast!

"Turn it up!"

Thank you for keeping it real, Lesley. You are so gracious, encouraging, and full of good things I can implement easily!

"The motivation I need!"

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all things  nutrition, backed by the facts! Your voice gives me the motivation for my workouts! Thank you so much!

"Love it!"

This is the best podcast! It has motivated me to work out more, eat healthier, and really take a good look at my habits!

Check out the most recent episodes to begin prioritizing your health and wellness NOW to live happier, longer.

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