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No one tells us how important it is to focus on our health and wellness now or run the risk of losing our independence later. And for sure nobody tells us where to start. But you’ve found the place to begin to take back that control.

Stop wishing you had a plan to follow to  FEEL better and click below to begin your new health journey.

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Wondering where to start on your midlife health journey? This FREE roadmap gives you the FIVE most important steps to feeling better NOW! 

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Lesley McShane

Are you procrastinating on your fitness and nutrition and have trouble prioritizing yourself? Do you need some motivation and more accountability? In this podcast, you will be entertained, educated, and encouraged to put yourself and your midlife health and wellness first. My mission is to equip you with the information you need to discover that good fitness, nutrition, and a positive outlook over 50 are all within reach.

Your community of midlife women


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Tired Of Making Excuses? Six Benefits When You Finally Invest In Yourself

In this self-directed program, you'll learn basic nutrition and discover an awareness you haven't had before. You'll do low impact cardio workouts and begin incorporating strength training routines to improve your overall physical health. Most important, you'll figure out what is holding you back  from making your midlife health a priority. 

Get ready to finish these 30 days excited to do and become even more.

SIMPLE Nutrition program & exercise Routines to Kickstart Your Health in 30 DayS

Welcome to the starting line! Get ready, Get set, Go!

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Schedule A Midlife in Motion Kickstarter Call with ME!

Want to work with me one on one to start your health journey? Then let's do a Midlife in Motion Kickstarter Call!

We will meet over zoom for an hour to discuss:

  • Where you are starting and your why
  • Your current nutrition and make some changes
  • Your current movement and make a plan for both cardio and strength training
  • Setting a realistic and obtainable goal for 30 days
  • You will get an email follow up for 2 weeks as you follow the plan

I am so appreciative to Lesley and her assistance in helping me with my weight loss journey. I've never been more focused and it's all because of her great motivation and expertise.

 I highly recommend her Redesigning Midlife podcast, her "Midlife in Motion" program, and just her in general!  

Katie Key

Yeah, you! I’m Lesley - a wife, mom, podcaster, former competitive cyclist, fitness coach, and Certified Personal Trainer.

All of my experience has led me to you. To help you get started toward becoming a healthy, strong, and fierce midlife woman.

All you have to do is DECIDE. 

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Ready to get a handle on your
fitness and nutrition?

Don’t you wish you had a plan to follow?


Cardio/HIIT & Resistance Training Workouts Created Just For You


Learning Your Fat Burning Heart Rate Zone And How To Get There

Figuring Out What Motivates You So You Can Stick To Your Goal

Everything You Need To Know About Eating Clean & How Many Carb & Protein Grams You Should Be Getting Each Day

Setting And Reaching An Obtainable 30-Day Nutrition & Fitness Goal

A Step-By-Step Plan Written Out For You To Follow

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