You Know What They Say About Death And Taxes

April 9, 2021

  1. John says:

    Loved this! This scenario sounds all too familiar, but in reverse. Amy controls the finances and I “round-up” all income and “round-down” all expenditures…it’s a system I’ve perfected.

    I will say we’ve both relented and this year, for the first time, handed out taxes off to a CPA. Still paying, but not having to slog through the TT minutia of how Uncle Sam is going to run roughshod over our collective earnings is worth the price of admission.

    • llmcshane says:

      hahaha! This is awesome! I love it! I’ve been able to work in some of my own methods – I hoard some cash and literally hide it. Mike thinks I’m crazy UNTIL he needs a fiver for something. Then I’m a genius! I figure we’ll go the CPA route at some point – like when we finally pay someone to mow our grass, but that time hasn’t come yet. Good to know you give it a thumbs up.

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