The NEW Work-Life Balance

April 16, 2021

  1. Betsy Green says:

    Such a tricky balance, and a fine line to walk. Especially when we are sucked in at the moment in the middle of something, or thinking that if we just do this and get it done it will mean more free time tomorrow. (I tend to do that, but it doesn’t often actually play out that way.) I agree with another podcast I heard once that said maybe there isn’t even an actual balance, so if we keep striving for that… maybe it isn’t an attainable goal. That person said maybe “harmony” was a better goal. As a freelancer, creative, and person who tends to be doing multiple projects at once (paid work and not), that tends to be the direction I aim. It is an ebb and flow thing. I still have a lot of work to do to get there. Being aware of it does help, so thanks for a great reminder once again! Cheers to you!

    • llmcshane says:

      I totally used your “harmony” line with someone I was talking to this weekend and it hit a homerun with the guy. It was just the word he was looking for. So Yes I totally agree. Unless things are perfect they aren’t in true balance, but you can be off and still in harmony. I so fell into that freelance trap this past week – working way late on a paying job to free up time during the day for other projects. I was nearly insane by the end of the week (and off). I was feeling a little overwhelmed on all the different directions I was going in, but I slowed down over the weekend to recharge. It was much needed. I’m reading a part of that Stressed Out book now that talks about the absolute need for REST. I’m for it!

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