Time To Slow Your Overcommitted Roll

May 15, 2021

  1. Betsy says:

    Guess what? I can totally relate to this! (Big surprise, right?) So much. I always keep commitments I make to others – even if it means I am up WAY too late to make it happen. Goals or plans for myself, not nearly as good a track record. That’s always what slides. Or becomes a victim of the “busy but not productive”. (Isn’t that what we were just “talking” about on Thursday?) The second and third paragraphs from the end are the gold. Perfect timing, as things start getting back to “normal”. We really should consider if that “normal” is what we want. Or which parts of it. I’m impressed you got this done in the midst of some busy weeks. It is enough. (Blog posts don’t all have to be literary masterpieces. I think it is more about the content that the refinement.) Do be sure to set your plans/goals for what works for you reasonably, not because it is what you decided 4 months ago. It is ok to refine as we go. Good luck slowing – or focusing & refining – your roll. I’m going to work on the same.

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