It is okay to rest. Besides all of the benefits that I have listed above, know that you will not lose any fitness if you give your body and mind what it needs with a recovery day. Look forward to them. Reward yourself with them. Just wait, they are going to take your performance to the next level.

A giant key with the text that REST IS. So rest is key.

Besides the fact that our butt holds our pants up, the gluteus muscles work together to stabilize the hip, core, and back muscles. They help your body stay upright and moving forward. So we’ve gotta take care of them.

Woman sitting at desk working on computer. Sleepy Zs are coming from the area of her booty, her butt telling us that it is asleep. Text says Listen to your booty! Get Up!

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Kentucky around the first Saturday in May, the state is ready to welcome you with open arms. While going to Keeneland and Churchill Downs are definite musts if you visit at this time of year, Louisville and the surrounding areas have got you covered with many other things to do and see while you are here.

Graphic of horse head and Outline of State of Kentucky that indicates Spring in Kentucky with the words And They're Off

Change is good for the soul. It’s how we learn and grow and begin to push ourselves to limits we didn’t know we were capable of. But some people will hang on to an old situation for familiarity and ease sake until it is literally causing them more pain than pleasure. I believe that even asking yourself if you should make a change is a sure sign that you should, or at least give it some serious thought.

Two roads split by a direction sign with one side pointing to the same ole comfy spot and the other pointing to the new scary opportunity.