February 18, 2022 – The Fifty-Third Official Friday Night BeerBlog Is “Adulting” even a word or one that we’ve just strapped our 20 somethings to be doing as they begin to spread their wings on all fronts? No, it is a real word according to Dicionary.com. It is the Verb form of the word adult. […]

I just finished a very long, cold, dreary month of what they are now calling Dry January. This is when people are excited to voluntarily give up drinking alcoholic beverages for the month of January. But are usually upset with their decision by the first weekend. I was on that boat. Why In The Hell […]

Dry January. Graphic of a bunch of alcohol bottles and glasses with a circle and line through across it.

June 4, 2021 – The nineteenth official Friday Night BeerBlog I’m writing this first draft on Thursday and I honestly don’t know if I’ll get it out tomorrow night or not because we are going to a baby shower for some friends. I honestly haven’t been to a baby shower in a while. Back during […]