Baby Bird Is Flying, But Not In A Straight Line

May 1, 2021

  1. Betsy says:

    I love this. Mom to mom, I totally get it all. Some of this is exactly a conversation I had with our youngest earlier this evening. But I really love stories like this. Especially when they’re real life people I know. It is so awesome and amazing and awe-inspiring to see this in a kid (or a now adult who was a kid not too long ago). That is the stuff that is so huge in life. It also makes life hard, but that innate desire and fight to do it her way and be her and no compromise any of that for someone else… Go Cate! (And Meriele. And so many others.) I’m rooting for amazing stuff for her in the next part of her story. Congratulations to all of you. Virtual for graduation sucks, but it doesn’t diminish the accomplishment and cause for celebration.

    • llmcshane says:

      Go Meriele! It’s not the easy way, but I guarantee the easy way isn’t the best way! And hugs to you and Corey – I know it takes special love and patience. These girls will rule the world!

  2. Michaelle Warner says:

    Love you guys! I have always appreciated Cate’s spirit. I have a very distinct memory about realizing the kind of kid she was when she was a baby in a basket. She was looking at me with those big (hazel?) eyes and though she couldn’t talk yet, her eyes were BEGGING me to get her out of that contraption and let her loose. And how she would drag herself around the floor when she couldn’t walk or even really crawl yet like a paraplegic till she would just pass out on the floor. Sometimes when a kid is difficult to manage it will do them really well as an adult. You know they won’t be bullied or be a pleaser and won’t let themselves do what others want them to do. I feel this way about Logan.

    • llmcshane says:

      That army drag! To one end of the room and then back and then back again, until KLUNK – asleep she went. Your girls were lifesavers for Cate – she needed sisters and they were the closest she had growing up. Fingers crossed you are right – I know it has helped navigating college for sure. It helped her make that really hard decision to leave field hockey her senior year. I think being able to make that decision herself saved her life. Cheers to all of them – Edie, Cate, and Logan!

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