When I Was 24, Life Was…

June 19, 2021

  1. Betsy says:

    I vote for MYSELF also for chapter 3. That sounds selfish to say/read, but I know neither of us means it that way. But it is time to get back to ourselves. I feel kind of like it is 20s over again, but on the other side. 20s for me meant finishing college & preparing for what would be next. Exciting and so much possibility. Getting married. Moves to/from 3 states. Exciting work experiences, and then the excitement of starting a family.
    Now there’s also a lot of potential & possibility, but a different way. Will work be exciting (maybe not) but the hobbies, me time, and experiences sure can be. Marriage is already taken care of, but there will probably be another move.

    Oh, and yes. We tell our “kids” all the same. No one path, no plan/schedule you must adhere to. Do you, just keep growing and learning your way along.

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