The end game is to look in the mirror and accept the whole image that you receive back. No one is actually perfect and we are all imprinted with amazing uniqueness, which is what other people fall in love with, not our triceps.

Girl you look good - text. Woman standing in front of mirror with hearts all around

To me being married for 26 years sounds like forever, but it is something I’m very proud of for both of us. These are the things we do to be successful(ish).

Graphic of tree with heart carved in it. Mike and Lesley 4-ever carved into the tree.

it’s nice when others acknowledge our accomplishment and say they are proud of us, but it means even more when we allow ourselves to be proud of ourselves in these BIG P moments. We are the ones that have sacrificed and know what we have been through in order to accomplish this thing.

Be proud of yourself - text. Woman on cell phone screen with a ponytail and lifting a weight.

the more you pay attention to your own needs, you are working to become a better spouse, mother, child, friend, and employee. And not only that, but the better care you take of yourself teaches others how to treat you as well.

Heart with hands across it with the words Self-Care September