August 12, 2022 – The Seventy-Eighth Official Friday Night BeerBlog One of my good friends turns 60 in a few weeks. Two friends that I’ve been riding with for years and years are both 61 this year. My sister-in-law entered the last year of her 50s this week. And Mike, the 25 year old hunk […]

August 20, 2021 – The Twenty-Ninth Official Friday Night BeerBlog We spent four days this past week in Tennessee at Lake Norris with our friends Rocky and Paula and some of their friends. In a time where I’ve had trouble planning some sort of vacation, the Hensley’s putting together this trip was an excellent chance […]

June 18, 2021 – The twenty-first official Friday Night BeerBlog It is so hard to believe that even though I am in my mid-thirties, my oldest child turned twenty-four years old this week. I mean, we could practically be twins, until I catch my reflection in the mirror and that witch says, “You’re 52 and […]