April 1, 2022 – The Fifty-Ninth Official Friday Night BeerBlog First of all, Happy April Fool’s Day. I wish that the title subject was just a joke, but it’s not and they are. The easiest things are sometimes the hardest to do. They just are. We often set ourselves up with crazy and unbelievably hard […]

February 11, 2022 – The Fifty-Second Official Friday Night BeerBlog I always thought that having a birthday in January was enough to give the month a little zest, a little pizzazz. (Jazz hands) It was something more to look forward to after the two months of celebrating friends and family with candy, gifts, trees, and […]

I just finished a very long, cold, dreary month of what they are now calling Dry January. This is when people are excited to voluntarily give up drinking alcoholic beverages for the month of January. But are usually upset with their decision by the first weekend. I was on that boat. Why In The Hell […]

Dry January. Graphic of a bunch of alcohol bottles and glasses with a circle and line through across it.