This is the day that you actually looked at each other and started this journey together without knowing what it would look like. It was the beginning of a sweet journey that has defined your life on many levels. It is a day that should mean something to only you and your partner.

match and flame with text of "it's a match" to talk about dating.

May 28, 2021 – The eighteenth official Friday Night BeerBlog I’m going to throw one of my younger step-brothers under the bus here. When he was a freshman in college and came around with his young girlfriend, they were routinely found sitting in one chair together, the girlfriend draped across his lap. They clung to […]

March 26, 2021 – The Ninth Offical Friday Night BeerBlog 26 years is a long time. It is half my life. When I was younger, I never could have imagined doing something or being with someone 26 years. That is mainly because when you are 26, you feel that you have already lived, you know […]